Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank you so much Michico for this big suprise.

I am so honored with the kind words Michico from Happy Fairy Tale Handmade Jewelry wrothe in here Blog.
See below what I found in her blog. do not forget to visit her Blog and Etsy shop . It is certainly worth to see what a great jewelry she makes


Isn't it great? This is not a paint. It's postcard.

This post card is "Antique French Handtinted real photo postcard 1908.Ladie's and Gents with there pat's in the park" from grandma62 at etsy.

She is amazing person and sell vintage postcard. I bought several postcard from her before and thinking to buy several again soon.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My new banner made by Chroma Smear

Because I could not sleep I turnt on the computer in the middle of the night (4.13) and checkt my mailbox. I found a big suprise in there.Thanks and a lot of hugs Chroma.
Chroma Smear made this lovely banner for my blog.She did a great job.
If anyone of you need a new banner. This is the adres to go for.

The most beautyfull flowers i've ever had on my birthday

Past wednesday i have celebrated my 63 birthday and the most beautyful gift came from my 4 year old granddaugther Roos. She makes them from paper and even put here signature on it. I think we have a new artist in the family.

New listings in my shop. Soooooooo cute. Sold

Also some new listings in my other blog.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My First Give Away.Who wil be the winner of this beautiful box with cakeforks?

Today I decided to make my first Give Away.

This beautyful set was produced in the Netherlands about 1940 by a factory named Sola. The forks have a hammered Art Deco motive. The are still in a very good condition.

What to do to win this beautiful set:

1. Write a comment or a nice story. The one who touched my heart the most wil be the winner

2. Put this URL on your own blog or in your Etsy Shop.

Who will the winner be???? You will now it Saturday, May 30

Good luck.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today is cleaning day:-)

The last three days i spent (too much) time on etsy.

Chyrl was listing my postcard in 3 different treasurys and ofcourse i has to promote them:-)

Today I will spent my time with cleaning my house .

The weather is beautiful but a hard wind.

Yey windows and doors can be open again. Wich reminds me, i have to clean the windows to:-(

Have a nice day all.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Best Friend..... Whats your best friend?

And again one of my postcards was listed in a lovely treasury from Chyrl. Thanks an hugs for this.

Click all the items in this treasury to help it get to the front page..please?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Soft and Cool

Beautiful treasury created by Chyrl,my dear friend from Singapore.
Visit her beautiful origami blog if you have a moment, it's worth the time!!
Thank you for including my embossed postcard.