Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today is cleaning day:-)

The last three days i spent (too much) time on etsy.

Chyrl was listing my postcard in 3 different treasurys and ofcourse i has to promote them:-)

Today I will spent my time with cleaning my house .

The weather is beautiful but a hard wind.

Yey windows and doors can be open again. Wich reminds me, i have to clean the windows to:-(

Have a nice day all.


Chyrl's Origami Cards said...

Happy cleaning there :)

Its my "cleaning" day too. I have left too many cards 'unfinished' for too many days...was too busy looking at the treasuries and the updates!

Let's sit back and relax, and enjoy the cleaning.


Toadstools said...

Now I'm feeling guilty, I should be cleaning, or making things, but alas this week I've been glued to the computer. My plan for the week is to bite the bullet and work on setting up a blog and a Facebook page. And work on finding ways to promote my etsy shop. Maybe next week I'll do some cleaning.

anicia said...

I should be cleaning right now, too. Haha