Wednesday, July 22, 2009

AND THE WINNER IS!!!!!!!! Ali From SerendipityTreasures. Concratolations

This lovely and very old beauty is aprox 8,5 x 2,5 x2,5 cm

All you have to do to win this lovely handpaited wooden needle box is:

Go to my shop and tell me wich postcard you like most.You can comment as many times you wanted:-)

This Giveaway is ending Saturday, August 8 dutch time

Thank Roos for helping Grandma to find a winner.


Tins and Treasures said...

What a special little needlebox...I would love to win! My favorite postcard is the one with the children, snow and postcard. Happy Hump Day ~Natalie

zeropumpkin said...

oh this is cute & cool.kinda old it :)

2kutekreations said...

very hard to choose but I like this one a lot

Little Monarch said...

this one of the cats acting like humans is my favourite by far! so cute!!!

p.s. just so you know i found your giveaway via twitter :-)

mikes hemp bracelets said...

This is one of my favs!

The WW1 red cross dog!

EverImprovingMe said...

i love all of your postcards.. there is no way i could pick only one!

hpru said...

Since I love most of your postcards, I would have to say that one of my favorites is the little courier with the horse cart! Very adorable.

I love the needlebox! I'm of Dutch ancestry and therefore find it especially interesting and beautiful! lizziboo (Heidi)

Anonymous said...

wow i love old boxes especially handpainted or scrimshaw this is a great deal.

the.hairy.potter said...

I love your handpainted post cards..especially those with children. Thanks for your shop.

Digital Misfit said...

That needlebox is so lovely - what a treasure!

My favorite postcard is the adorable Karel Links signed The Hair Dresser. Such a sweet print of childhood innocence and mischief!

artangel said...

My favourite I think is "Ice Fun" - though I do think the Marelene Dietrich postcard is fab too!

RhinocerosRose said...

Puppies! I can't resist them.

Chyrls Origami said...

Too many to choose from your shop. :) If I have to pick one, it would be this

It is a very lovely card, with a message, makes me wonder what the daughter wrote to her mother. Nevertheless, it is special. The oriental feel of this card is strong and probably the first I've seen which is so antique.


Ali said...

Antique signed Christmas postcard. 1913.The fireman your best friend. I am still looking, so many of my favorites I have already in my home. From Elvis to Roses...I really like things from 1900 thru 1950. Grandma is just the best!

The little box is so adorable, how can you part with it?

balanced. said...

My favourite is the Old postcard. Prinsengracht (canal ) Amsterdam 19th century.

Gugu said...

This postcard is my fave!!!

(Artist signed Karel Links. Old vintage postcard.Little Children Have fun together)

What can be better than children having fun...We're all young at heart!!! ;)

Grandma62 said...

I love to read all your comments.
August 8 i will put every comment with the name in a bowl and little rose ( my 4 year old granddaugther) wil pick out the winner.
So how more comments you place how bigger the chanche to win:-)
Good luck

Brenda said...

My favourite is of the two kittens - one balck and one white. It's the one you have on your blog as your icon. Very, very sweet.



Sara said...

What a lovely little needlebox! Thanks so much for the opportunity. My favorite postcard of the moment is "Little boy with his dog. 1928." Here is the link:

I liked it so much, I bought it! :)

Sara said...

What a lovely little needlebox! Thanks so much for the opportunity. My favorite postcard of the moment is "Little boy with his dog. 1928." Here is the link:

I liked it so much, I bought it! :)

Maggie R said...

I Like the 3 little kitties with the animal book. Kittens are so adorable..
Would love to win this lovely box...

Ali said...

There is no way I can just pick one favorite post card, I had Grandma put this one on reserve for me, this is the style I really love!

The beautiful Victorian age post card with a lovely woman and this time she has a very Grandma!

I just love your shop and you too!

zeropumpkin said...

grandma i actually likes all your cats post card..but i saw this i pick this

Antique B.W. Photo postcard.Little cat in a ring of flowers. 1931

artlover said...

Hi Grandma!
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter your giveaway
I like the
Antique German tinted postcard. Three litlle kitty's and the Animal book. 1908

Mariette xox

Sara said...

This postcard is lovely...

A beautiful little cat in a ring of flowers.

Brenda said...

I love looking at your postards, Wilma! I think my new favourites are the little girl and the dove AND the kitten with the coloured pansies around his picture. They are truly adorable.



cappy sue creations said...

hi there is was very hard to pick a favorite. You have such a wide variety of beautiful cards. This one is my favorite some thing about it just cracked me up.

Kelly said...

What an amazing little treasure!

I like the postcards with the kitty's in the rings of flowers.

Grandma62 said...

Thank you all so much for letting me now wich card you like most and the nice comments.

After little roos was pikking the winner Robin wants to take a peace of paper to but he's a boy and took two of the papers.
With the names from:
2kutekreations and mikes hemps bracelets.
I have to promise the kids that i will send you two The card you liked most so please send me your adress.
Have a nice weekend all.